543 Day Writing Journey

Day Three

It’s difficult to organically come up with something to write about. For me, I need inspiration, a prompt, or an assignment. I could mind map or brainstorm, I suppose, and will try that next time. Because I started this writing challenge, I have to think of something each day because people are reading these, even from different countries! Thank you!

Since my brain goes all over the place these days, I keep notes of things to write about on my phone of thoughts or ideas that come to my mind, and the list is weird. On it are things like “variant,” “chicken math,” “the way he washed me when I was pregnant,” and “Abby the Spoon Lady.” Sometimes I look at the list and have no clue what I was talking about. I remembered today’s, though, and brace yourselves, it’s deep.

I love slouching. It feels good on my back to round it out and turn my body into a heap. I feel like the lower I go into a slouch the more comfortable I am. In my defense, I have a long torso, so that counts for something, right? Knowing it’s not good for me doesn’t matter, but quite honestly, knowing it looks bad, does. Vanity is ugly and delicious.

I started 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene when I lived in Massachusetts, and because of our big move, I only got to Day 20 or something, then traded it in for pizza and packing boxes. Adriene is really great, letting you modify if you need to and she teaches with a chill and non-judgmental type of air. Some days are long and some short which makes it less daunting, plus she’s sweet and happy which just makes you feel good, so if you want to get mad at her, well, you just can’t. Oh, and who doesn’t love free stuff? She doesn’t charge! I love her.  Check it out: https://yogawithadriene.com/free-yoga-videos/30-days-of-yoga/

Recently, I picked it back up again, doing one of her YouTube videos every other day, alternating with two miles on the treadmill (which I loathe).  It’s a slow start but a start, nonetheless. I’ve just been so low-energy lately and I hoped some deliberate activity would help. It really has, but it’s reminding my body that I shouldn’t slouch. It just doesn’t make me as happy anymore to sit like a pile.

Even as I sit here next to my son, Baylee, who is doing homeschool work, I keep reminding myself to sit up because I feel a little odd in the practice. My body is becoming strong with the help of my new friend, Adriene. I think, “Ok, Teresa, tighten your belly, stick out your butt, and sit tall!” It just feels so dang good to fall into that C-shaped lean.

I’m never going to not be a sloucher. It’s just too lovely.


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2 thoughts on “Day Three”

  1. I’ve always defaulted to slouching too, but then I learned that I’ve always done that because my entire posterior chain is underdeveloped. Now, after some exercises that’s helped strengthen my back, sitting straight requires no effort, and it’s much easier to not slouch. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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