543 Day Writing Journey

Day Twelve

Soulmates is a foolish theory.

The optimistic phenomenon used to mean that a person would only have one soulmate in a lifetime. Modern day definitions allow people to have multiple during their lives, and they may include significant others, friends, or even sexual partners. I’m not talking about the definition’s evolution, but its original meaning.

You’re familiar with the vintage concept, right? God makes two people ideal for each other and somehow, they meet on this massive Earth and live happily ever after. Or sometimes they never meet, like one was in Ireland and the other in Africa before boats or planes were invented. What if one dies? It’s all about fate, soulmate’s insignificant and very imaginary second cousin.

This declaration of mine doesn’t mean I don’t believe in love. I know what the butterflies feel like. Mine came when Roger would bring home some of the wild wisteria that swayed from the trees on base, or a king size Whatchamacallit. I felt it when he would change the baby’s diaper or mow the lawn in his dark green silkies and plastic shower shoes.

Maybe I took the word too literally. Maybe I am seeming bitter, even salty by broaching this topic. If the traditional definition of soulmate is true, and there is merely one person for another, where does that leave me?

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4 thoughts on “Day Twelve”

  1. Dear Teri,
    My opinion; (even if you didn’t ask for it), is that Roger knows where he stood with you, by his side, for all those “great” years together, and that all that he would want, is for you to be happy…
    If that means finding love again, one day, so be it!!!
    If you choose not to find love again, that is ok too; but your overall happiness would be important to him, and we only go around but one time here on this earth…
    Uncle Lee
    P.S. See; I’m trying hard, not to “write you a book” in your comments section!!! 🙂

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  2. Does our soul stay the same throughout our life or does it change because of things that happen in our lives. I know my Chris changed deeply after June 29, 2009. I could not reach him and eventually I lost him, or perhaps he lost me, but what I believed was a “God thing” no longer existed. So did his soul change and we were no longer soulmates? Will I ever find the same kind of feelings with anyone else? Do I even want to look again, or is the hurt too deep that I don’t think I can take it again? Or perhaps we were never soulmates to begin with.
    I love your writing, it is provocative and makes me think about things in a different way. Thank you for that…..Catherine

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    1. In my opinion about the future, anything is possible. Anything. The past is different and maybe you’ll never know what happened. Maybe you’re not supposed to know. I hope you find the freedom to at least open yourself up to love again. ❤️


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