543 Day Writing Journey

Day Sixteen

First draft

Part of this personal writing challenge is to write something fresh each day, and to not prewrite anything. I do have a list of ideas, but that’s it, no drafts or large chunks of words exist on scraps of paper or Food Lion receipts. Journalists have to write on the fly and come up with their writings fast, so I’m trying to do that. They also have to write in odd and annoying conditions like being stuck in an airport.

Well, I’m getting practice with that today so I am writing on this tiny keyboard that goes with my tablet. I’ve not been blessed with dainty hands so I look a bit like Quasimodo all hunched over typing away. The backspace button is doing its job today. I’ve also not been blessed with a love of being anywhere but home, so today is challenging. I will take Max’s advice via text, and breathe.

Traveling stresses me out when things go right. When there are delays or glitches, I close up. It’s like my body fails to react to emotion so I can be on alert and ready to make decisions. I am sorry to my boys whom I’ve passed this wonderfully debilitating trait to. Once again with this writing challenge, a daily event reminds me of Roger.

He had a mega calming air about him, like he rarely got nervous or worried. Don’t get me wrong, I used to get upset with him at times when he would’t react as irrationally as I did about certain things, like when he’d fall asleep when he was on tornado watch, or when we only had a hundred bucks for the month’s groceries. But, more than that, I leaned on his chill mode. 

I see couples sitting on the navy blue chairs in the airport, heads together laughing at a meme or something on their phones. I get a little jealous of their togetherness. They have that aura about them like they’re a single, solid force. Their form has double the protection from the strangers, and the delays, and the COVID.

I haven’t traveled since COVID, too, and it’s just weird and unnerving. Of course, I am wearing my mask, and so are others. Along with my not-so-dainty hands and grand distaste of being out of my comfort zone, I was blessed with hot face, so I will probably arrive at my destination with an attractive face rash from the most feminine sweating I am doing under my mask. Sweat over dried sweat to the sixth power probably.

This is a good opportunity to learn this new tablet technology. I am capable on my own of making decisions, learning new things, and dealing with stuff that’s meh. For all of this, I am grateful. Annoyed and a tad nervous, but grateful.

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3 thoughts on “Day Sixteen”

  1. Oh my beautiful niece,
    I give you kudos for getting on a plane…my day’s of flying are over, had a terrifying run in at the Atlanta airport with workers there and will never fly again thanks to them. So uncaring, and unconcerned they were. Anyway, enough about that. Please try and enjoy your trip with the boys. I grew up visiting the City when I was little. My grandmother worked as a housekeeper for the rich and famous and she would take us everywhere. To this day, I remember all the places and I was little then. Have fun, wear your stretchy pants and taste New York! The Bronx Zoo was the best…
    Love you,
    Auntie Sue

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  2. Dear Teri,
    As I always tell Mia & Mario; “take deep breaths, and count to ten”… (I understand that may be a difficult concept, since you’re wearing a mask, and you’ve been vaccinated; but when nobody is looking, lift your mask up a bit, and take those deep breaths)!!! 😦 🙂
    Have a nice time, or as much as a nice time, as one can have in that shitty city!!! (“Watch your six”)!!!
    Uncle Lee

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