543 Day Writing Journey

Day Nineteen

The walk up the open staircase to the third floor condo is filled with the freshest beach air that will cause ringlets and relaxation. The roaring ocean plays the majestic tune as it announces its presence.

Straight through the unit’s door is a master bedroom with a queen bed. To the right of the front door is a hallway with a full bath next to the bedroom, and a set of twin beds nestled in the wall on the left, offering storage space and room for two sleepers. Keep walking and you will see a living room with a sleeper sofa making the condo a comfortable place for six people to sleep. Adjacent to the living room, separated by a bar is the kitchen. The real treat is the sliding door that shows a full, grand view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Flocks of pelicans frequently float by while you cook pancakes and sip your coffee. Watching the news is a little less menacing with the ocean waves offering background noise. In the cool months, sleeping with the large sliding door open will offer a more peaceful rest.

There’s something about the white noise effect the ocean waves offer, nature’s way of distracting you from regular daily trials. Boat-tailed grackles chatter as they allow their wings to rest on the wind’s shoulder. Teetering fishing boats pass by surrounded by hopeful gulls waiting for a chance to snag some of their catch, and couples saunter by hand-in-hand scanning the soft sand for a palm-sized Megaladon tooth. If you’re looking for quiet from nature’s sound, all you need to do is close the sliding door and the ocean noises dissappear.

I’ve been to Tyler’s condo many times. I’ve driven down from Massachusetts, and one time I traveled by plane. In the cold months, the ocean feeds your soul with the reflection of the shining sun, and the vastness minimizes trivial human calendar issues.

Today’s visit is different, though, because Tyler no longer rents this condo, he owns it. We watched football with the ocean to our left, and enjoyed twice baked potatoes, sandwiches, pasta salad, and banana pudding.

If you wake early enough

Children go through many milestones in life, and it doesn’t end with adulthood. They have babies, earn degrees, marry, flourish in their careers, but when they buy their own property, it’s a true accomplishment, his accomplishment. Momma is proud. Congratulations, kiddo.

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3 thoughts on “Day Nineteen”

  1. Dear Teri,
    Again, your writing is so “descriptive”, and you “capture” exactly what it is like when we “in-land dwellers” get the chance to be near the ocean shore…
    Most importantly, “Congratulations” are in order for Tye, and of his accomplishment of owning a “piece of ocean front property”, especially down there on the NC coast!!!
    May he, and his loved one, have many years of enjoyment down there by the sea!!! I’m sure that he will always “welcome” visits from the rest of the Adams Family clan!!!
    Uncle Lee ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can hear the calming waves crashing over and over as I read your words….one day I will live where I can see and hear it all day, everyday, too! โ™กโ™ก

    Liked by 1 person

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