543 Day Writing Journey

Day Twenty-One

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Searching for a job is intense and frustrating, and it can make a person feel less than. It’s difficult to weed through the posts and companies, and I’m sure a potential employee is difficult to weed through also. Today, I made the decision to make it easier for one who many consider me.

I will not delete my blog posts. There are unflattering words or ideas in my posts, and at times I seem a little flaky, but they’re sincere. I know the legendary Dr. Filas from Westfield State, my advisor and writing professor, would ceremoniously cringe if he read my blog as he was always concerned with my brand.

He would probably say, “Teresa, are you sure you want to post this for the world to see?” (I can actually hear it.)

Many of the job postings are searching for a “dynamic individual.” Vocabulary.com states that “someone with a dynamic personality is probably funny, loud, and excitable.”

I can be a dynamic individual at times, but not continuously. I was not a dynamic individual when I woke up with a rare headache this morning, nor was I one when I drove 25 hours to end up in the same place I started. Is it a fluid trait, or static? High-energy is a wonderful attribute for a potential employee, I agree, but too much giggling and jumping and I may jiggle. (I’m only on day two of Weight Watchers.)

Another thing about the hunt, is I don’t want to be a ghostwriter. If you’ve been reading my posts, you know my issues with accountability and pats-on-the-back. I need them. There are many positions available for ghostwriters and one is even seeking “Academic Ghostrwriters.” I’m curious if the same company has a post for editors. Why am I such a snob? Then, my attention became diverted, so I sent an email through the application:

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Good morning,

This position is not something that would fit me, and I’m confident I would not fit you, but I wish for your attention to one simple matter. The absence of a direct email address to your company lends me no other option than to contact you here.

You have a typo in the title of your ghostwriting job posting, and I fear it may hinder your ability to acquire the most soulful and suitable human for this position.

Pardon my obsession with grammar. Enjoy the day and the best of luck to you in your search.

My Very Best,

Teresa Adams

(I couldn’t let it go.)

An extra space or misspelled word finger-flicks me to different levels of being a dynamic individual, but it can also toy with my insecurity. I will see a job posting with a fancy word, so I’ll research one I don’t know, like “aggregation” and find a meaning then revisit my understanding of myself and wonder why I don’t know what it means in the job context. I am a reader and a writer but feel as though my basic mind’s dictionary is subpar to what employers are searching for. I then morph from a dynamic individual to a melancholy one which makes me want to eat chocolate but can’t because I’m on day two of WW.

And, of course I don’t want to work for a company I don’t believe in and am terrified of becoming beholden to a contractual writing mill, so I research each of them I may be interested in then an hour passes and I’m more concerned with the state of the Arctic Ocean than my job search. (Oh, I wish that one wasn’t a volunteer position.)

At this point, today is not the day I will find a job, but I do have hope for tomorrow because I’m feeling like a dynamic individual at this moment. I just can’t guarantee I’ll be so vibrant after sunrise.

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3 thoughts on “Day Twenty-One”

  1. Dear Teri,
    I wish you much luck in finding a “writing gig” that suits your style… My first thought was of you being a newspaper reporter, but with the way “things” are moving at the “speed of light” these days, I feel that newspapers may soon be a “thing of the past”…
    I have even noticed that some media outlets with websites, are now trying their best to get viewers to subscribe to their news outlet for daily information, (both local, and national)… There are still means of obtaining “news” via other outlets, of no cost to viewers, so I don’t know how some of these news media outlets will survive financially as they look for, and depend upon subscribers?!?
    I know for sure that you would be able to write a book… Have you looked into writing “children’s books”??? I also think that you may be successful if you were to look into “web design” for those small businesses out there, trying to become organized…
    Whatever the case may be; I am certain that you will do very well, and you would be a “great asset” to any business that would depend upon your writing skills… (Just try to “tone down” the giggling, jumping, and jiggling a bit)!!! 🙂
    Uncle Lee 🙂

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  2. I give you credit girl for putting yourself out there with all the severely judgemental people coming out to tear you up. I personally love your writing. It moves me to so many different emotions (and not just because you are amazingly talented, funny,
    responsible, beautiful and my niece.)
    Somewhere someone will see this also.
    LUCK & LOVE,
    Auntie Sue 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I KNOW that after weeding out all the junk, you will find the perfect, legitimate position you are looking for. It may take time but it’s out there. I love the way you write and I know others do and more will and you have talents that someone needs and wants and can use. ♡♡

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