543 Day Writing Journey

Day Twenty-Seven

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“Hey can you send me that photo you took of the chickens yesterday?”

“Scan this QR code.”

“I just ordered an Iron Man poster on Amazon.”

“Send me a screenshot of that recipe.”

Now, imagine saying these things twenty years ago, or even ten. Times are changing at a faster pace than I am comfortable with. Our phones are maps, computers, currency, notepads, calculators, diet coaches, stores, televisions, movie theaters, and more.

We upgraded our phones in July for the first time in years. We got our first cell phone around the turn of the century, and I did have a bag phone in my car before that. You really couldn’t hear much and it definitely broke the bank, but I thought it was the bees knees.

The first one was mainly for calling, then texting became a thing. I was a master at T-9 texting. These days, it’s pretty much 66622777766655533833, but the skill is something only some of us have. We paid ten cents a text, and that was a good deal. Roger and I shared a phone, and Tyler got his first a couple years later when he was 14.

When will we be done, satisfied, happy with what we have? There is absolutely no end to the continuous desire to find the next big thing and to buy it. We all want something a little better than our neighbor has, don’t we? How much further can it go?

Today I ordered a QR code so people can scan with their phones and see my site. Convenience is the goal with all this, but what’s the cost? It worries me that we will never be satisfied as humans with what we have, that we will lose our ability to figure things out on our own.

I feel a little high when I have a new piece of technology, even an app or a new security camera for my house. (I can be in bed and see what’s going on in my back yard! It’s awesome.) Technology can be a good thing, I agree, but come on. When will we be done?

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6 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Seven”

  1. Dear Teri,
    I guess that I can be considered “a dinosaur”, in that I do not own a cell phone, (nor do I want to own a cell phone)…
    My “rationale” for this, is that I probably don’t like talking to people all that much anymore…
    Sometimes, for me, it’s much easier for me to just put my words down on an email, or on an actual note, or letter, to someone I wish to communicate with…
    I remain hopeful that if one day, I should find myself out in public, and in some sort of “distress”, I should have no problem finding somebody nearby who will let me borrow their cell phone to call somebody for assistance, (or 911 for help)…
    Than again; some of these very people, may just decide to point their iPhone cameras directly at me, and post my distress on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, to see how many likes they will receive?!? 😦

    Uncle Lee 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel bad for picking on my mom for not coming out of the dark ages. When she moved to senior housing, she still had a princess phone and an avocado green DIAL phone that she was still renting. That phone must have cost her $$$$$$$ over all those years.
    I find myself becoming her more and more each day…and I know she’s looking down and laughing at me!😄
    auntie sue

    Liked by 1 person

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