543 Day Writing Journey

I’m Not Watching That. Day 33

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What is wrong with you people watching this show called Squid Game? What’s more confusing, is why do you keep suggesting that I watch it, too, like it’s some type of non-religious cult?

Two of my boys watch it and have finished the series already and they keep asking me to. I will not. I have heard it’s violent, brutal, and that the sentiment resonates way beyond the end credits. I don’t understand why people watch it, and why it’s such a big thing.

What’s more interesting, is when I ask someone what it’s about, nobody can give me a definitive answer about why they like it, and all they say is that it’s crazy.

Tell me the storyline! Oh, there isn’t one? What’s the end goal then? Why watch it? I don’t like shows that make me sad or depressed and never have.

“It’s just a good show. It’s like very thrilling. It’s just a great show,” said Baylee. That’s all I get out of Mr. I-watched-them-all-in-one-day. He and Max continuously try to sell this to me while wearing their serious faces.

“It’s basically a game show but it’s not. It’s a show where there are contestants who play childhood games. If you fail at the game, you die,” Max said.

That sounds like loads of uplifting fun. I will pass on watching Squid Game but am still fascinated about why the concept is so successful. I’m a big chicken and can’t let go of certain movies or shows I see that really get under my skin.

I struggle to even come up with a short list of them. I did see Pet Cemetery and Poltergeist, and they still act like oozing lesions in my brain that act up occasionally. I don’t understand why someone would want to put themselves into that mind set, that mood, that depression.

Enjoy your Squid Game show. No, I don’t need to hear about it, and trust me, I don’t want to watch it.

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3 thoughts on “I’m Not Watching That. Day 33”

  1. Dear Teri,
    Mario was over playing a game on his phone, where you have to “carefully” cut a cookie. If you don’t cut it right, you get shot!!!
    Way too much crazy stuff out there today, to get young people’s attention, and a lack of sensitivity to violence.
    “Times have certainly changed”; and not for the better, I’m afraid! “Stand your ground” girl!!!
    Uncle Lee 😦

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  2. I’m one of the ones who watched all of it. Michael’s idea…I gasped at first while watching the first episode saying ‘what the?’ but quickly got invested in the characters and I, too, was hooked. I was stunned by it, yet like an train wreck, couldn’t stop watching. I never got over the shock of it all but once I was invested…I had to see it to the end. ♡♡


  3. All I can say is it’s not for me, and the young kids see enough death and violence on the nightly news.
    auntie sue 😢


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