543 Day Writing Journey

Guest Writer While Mom Drives. Day 38.

“I have to pay $80 to send in the application?” This is what I thought while trying to apply to UNCW as a transfer student from HCC.

I was surprised, but I knew it was the last straw for me, so I started thinking about taking a semester off of college to work and slow down for the first time in my life.

I am nervous, but excited to take this time for myself to get some experience in the real world.

I was sitting with my mom, finally ready and anxious to send in my application to UNCW. I just wasn’t feeling it.

There are many reasons why I want to take the semester off. I have been taking classes every spring and fall semester ever since kindergarten. That is 16 years of school without a chance to stop and take a break. Almost 32 semesters total. And school doesn’t come easy to me. I have to try hard.

My mom is on board, pushing me to give myself some time more than continuing to push through it. I am burnt out. I need this break. I am going to finish the semester I am currently in, earn my associates,
then I am going to go job hunting, school hunting, and get my drivers license finally.

I also see a great opportunity to do some community work, and volunteer. It will give me a good chance to help my community out, and also I will get to know some awesome people here in the
small town of Willard, North Carolina.

Maxwell Adams

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3 thoughts on “Guest Writer While Mom Drives. Day 38.”

  1. Dear Max,
    I’m very proud of you, and of what you have already accomplished, as far as school education is concerned…
    I believe that there is much more to life, than the school academic environment… It is called “the school of hard knocks”… This is when you get to learn all that you can about everyday life, getting up early each morning, and working at a job for eight hours or so, before returning home again, and trying to get a few more chores, or tasks done before a night’s restful sleep…
    While at your job, (whatever it may be), you will learn how to interact with your co-workers, you will learn how to get things done, as a team, and you will feel fulfilled when you realize what you can actually get done on the job…
    You also mention “volunteer work”, and I commend you for thinking about doing this; as helping others also makes you fulfilled, and a better man, because you know that you are doing “good things”, and that those people you are helping, will always remember that young man who gave of his time, for them…
    When you feel that the time is right to continue on with your formal education, at some point in the future, you will be able to bring along “those life experiences” with you, and there are some educational institutions out there that recognize one’s life’s experiences, towards college credits… (Check into that)!!!

    Best Wishes to You,
    Uncle Lee 🙂


  2. Well Max, looks like your mom and dad have passed on their wisdom and good sense to you boys. You’ve done well and I know you will continue to do so. Stay positive, I am so very proud of you
    auntie sue. ❤


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