543 Day Writing Journey

Bad Mom. Day 51.

“Ow it hurts!” Baylee, who was four at the time, had been whiny all day.

“You’ll be fine. Let’s go for our walk,” I said, trying to remain patient. We were all about to walk the mile circle that we lived on in the Raintree development in Jacksonville. He and Max were playing tag in the front yard and Baylee fell, hitting the roots from the oak tree.

He was holding his arm and pouting, so I turned around and said, “Just forget it. Let’s go in.” I marched into the house, selfishly disappointed our nightly walk was interrupted.

We went into the house and started getting ready for bed. Baylee slept in my room and continued to whine. “It really hurts, Mom.”

I coaxed him to sleep, hoping a good night’s rest would change his crabby mood which was rare for him.

After about an hour of sleeping, he awoke crying, saying it still hurt. After quick thoughts, I reluctantly decided to take him to the hospital, convinced we would be sitting in the waiting room, surrounded by germs for hours and hours for no reason.

After an hour we went through triage so I was hopeful it would be a quick emergency room trip.

He went through X-Rays, and we got a room pretty fast, but then the clock stopped. After about four hours, I went to the nurse’s station and said I would just take him in the morning. Since he had X-Rays, I figured it wasn’t broken or they would have said something to us.

“Actually, ma’am, his clavicle is broken,” the doctor told me. She then came into the room, put a sling on him, and referred us to the orthopedic doctor in the morning. (They forgot about us!) “He can have Tylenol or Motrin,” she said, then shooed us away.

I didn’t believe my sweet little boy. I thought he was simply being moody. Even writing this makes me feel sad because I allowed him to feel this way for hours before I took him to the hospital. I think many moms have moments they are ashamed of, and I’ve forgiven myself but still cringe when I think of this bad mom moment I experienced. It tops the list, so consider this my public apology. I’m sorry, Doo!

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4 thoughts on “Bad Mom. Day 51.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    Baylee is just fine now, has healed up, and now, years later, is back to his normal self. Since Mario has been playing football, I keep telling him that if his bones are not broken, or he is not bleeding profusely, out there on the field of play, to “shake it off”, and keep playing.
    The old Marine Corps mantra, “Pain is only weakness leaving the body”.
    He kept telling you that he was in pain, and you did take him to the hospital, (eventually); so you still qualify as a “good mom”!!!
    Uncle Lee 🙂

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  2. You are a good mom! Never forget that. I’m sure all mom’s have a story like this. I know you are forgiven by Baylee and loved by all!! ♡♡


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