543 Day Writing Journey

Max. Day 52.

Maxwell Forester Adams is my third son. The tallest of the four so far, he stands at six feet, three inches tall.

We call him Max. The only shoes he wears are Converse sneakers and his clothing will always be soft and comfortable. Currently, he is in his last semester at Holyoke Community College and will soon earn his associate degree. He will take the next semester off to work and volunteer, then will continue at a university next fall to finish with a bachelor’s degree. He’s thinking about studying business so he can one day open something of his own.

His interests vary which is why he doesn’t know yet what type of business he will own one day. He juggles, is competent at the yo-yo, and knows many art practices, including woodburning and digital. He can use hand and power tools and is learning to drive a standard transmission vehicle. He also plays the drums which complements his love of music, all genres.

As a tot, Max liked to dance and fit himself into baskets to play. He was my biggest baby weighing eight pounds 11 ounces and was an incredibly long 23.25 inches long.

“There’s no way he that long,” said the pediatrician, minutes after he was born.

Annoyed, she measured him herself, nodded and left the room.

Although he stands tall, he is kind hearted and emotional. He looks like his pops and shares his mannerisms and traits, like the lack of ability to keep a straight face.

Max is an important moving part that makes up the Adams Family, and I’m so happy to have him around.

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6 thoughts on “Max. Day 52.”

  1. Dear Max,
    You can do anything you set your mind to do, in life. Don’t be afraid to experience various types of work, that can be found “out there in the world”, where you can become a productive team member, make some good $$$, receive self-satisfaction, and self-confidence, all at the same time.
    Don’t give up at whatever you decide to do in life. Keep fighting, and learn all that you can learn about the specific job you do, as well as other jobs around you, show up for work early each day, stay late, if necessary, and always try to be there to help your fellow workers, if they are struggling.
    (People, to include employers take notice of these things).
    Uncle Lee 🙂

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  2. Max, I have no doubts at all you will achieve whatever you work towards, you came from good stock…your mom and dad are proof of that. Go forth and show them what you’ve got!
    Love you,
    auntie sue 😘

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