543 Day Writing Journey

Gratitude. Day 53.

My jar of nutmeg

I decided to take a break from Weight Watchers today and treat myself to a hot cup of apple cider with some freshly grated nutmeg. As I was heating it up in my trusty old New England Patriots mug, I thought about what I would write about today. All sorts of ideas came to my mind, and it made me think about writing a gratitude post on Saturdays. Understandably, people probably won’t be too interested in reading about what I’m grateful for, but it will be nice for me to look back at.

During the week I have tons to be grateful for, like this morning’s adventures. For the past few weeks we’ve been visiting our local coffee shop called Mo’Joe Coffee and Cupcakes in Wallace to get a treat to fuel our Saturday chores. Today I got a very pink, strawberry banana smoothie for a little sweet energy. We then made our way to Tractor Supply and found a dump cart to pull behind our tractor we have been looking everywhere for. We also picked up some bedding for the chickens, giant, black trash bags, and pink rock candy on a stick. We finished our errands then went home to winterize the chicken coops, sipping our sweet drinks along with way.

Baylee and Max worked so hard. Max used the reciprocating saw to cut wood to replace some rotted boards, while Doo cleaned out the nesting boxes and replaced the bedding with fresh, clean shavings. They aren’t afraid to get grimy and work with grace and undying momentum. I’m proud of their work ethic, all four of my hard-working boys.

Tyler and Sammy are working full time today. Both take the most pride in their job and company, and they fully understand and value their place in the system. They love what they do! I am grateful for their jobs, and the hard work all four of them have been doing to contribute to our family’s and their personal forward movement, and it’s not only in the form of careers and Saturday chores.

Max and Baylee have been going through some stress with school. Max sailed rough waters through midterms and maintained a good GPA, and Baylee is doing the same by taking cumulative tests, and he’s finished his second novel this semester. Although they become quite frazzled at times, they’re advancing and evolving. I am thankful for their schooling, and for Baylee’s ability to stay home and learn in a way that will offer him a stress-free environment while I can share space with him doing my own thing, like writing my posts.

Although writing is something I don’t always feel like doing, I made a commitment to it. It is something I won’t consider not doing, even if it’s a simple revision or short piece. It’s become a responsibility of mine that will one day become something for the kids and any potential others to read and learn about our past, including the flighty and flaky ideas that come to my mind.

Finally, but not only, I am grateful for people who read my posts. I know they aren’t always exciting and juicy in a controversial way, but people are still reading and commenting. I’m appreciative of the feedback and opinions. The support lifts my chin up towards the sun and lightens my darkest moods. I am thankful.  

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4 thoughts on “Gratitude. Day 53.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    I guess that I would have to be grateful, at my age, to just wake up in the morning, and still be breathing… 🙂 I just have to learn how “not to stress” over the “minor stuff” anymore, and count those blessings I have received in life on a day to day basis…
    I’m happy to read that you always seem to be able to “smell the roses”, and deal with whatever life throws at you… I hope you enjoyed your hot cup of apple cider with nutmeg this morning; have another tomorrow morning too!!!
    Uncle Lee 🙂


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