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Stephenie Meyer. Day 54.

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I’m 47 and am unashamed to say that if Twilight is on, I will watch it. I’m not sure if the timing of the movie aligned with the sequence of events of my life, or if I plain old like the concept and story. A forbidden love story to me has always been the blood to my thirst, and I read the books first, so I just had to watch the movies. The books don’t have the cringy moments the movies tend to display, yet I still became semi-hooked to them. I have a hard time avoiding Robert Pattinson and his inhibition to be strange. (If you don’t agree, check him and Willem Dafoe out in the movie, Lighthouse. It’s very, very odd.) Twilight’s storyline distracts viewers from everyday life trials because it’s unrealistic. Also, the author fascinates me.

Stephenie Meyer, the author, was a new mom when she began writing from a dream with characters she simply could not let go of. In her blog, she writes about the process of sending something away in the hopes of being published. The something a writer sends, is part of them, and it makes one feel vulnerable. A hopeful writer must submit biographies, query letters, samples of the writings, cover letters, your first-born child, and at times, chapters of the piece you are wishing to reach the world.

Meyer talks about her emotions during the process, and more importantly, her rejections. It reminds me of mine with my memoir. I have almost a full transcript of my memoir which focuses on my life with Roger, before and after his passing. I sent out three packets to publishers with no true chunks of content because they didn’t require it. All three said no. I followed all of their rules and shook and sweat while I clicked submit.

One of my rejections read:

Thank you so much for allowing The Knight Agency to consider your material. Unfortunately, after carefully reviewing your query, we’ve determined that this particular project isn’t the right fit for us at this time. As I’m sure you know, the publishing industry changes swiftly now, as do readers’ tastes and trends. As a result, our own agents’ needs shift and change, as well; therefore, we would like to encourage you to consider querying us with future projects as you may deem appropriate.

Reading Meyer’s post about her experience with publishers gave me a little hope that one day I will find one who will want to help me share my story about Roger. I know my cover letter and query needs to be polished and possibly completely transformed, and I also know readers are interested. I did post drafts on my blog before, then took them down and had to revise them to the point that they were completely transformed. Things need to be tightened up and changed.

I think part of me at least, gave up on ever having my memoir published, and lately I have been seriously considering posting individual chapters on my blog. The only problem is, once it is published, even on a little blog like mine, publishers will not take it. I need a deadline, though, and will share my progress as I go. My wheels are turning, and my focus is renewed, and I am so ready to get my words out there for the world to see so I can then move on to create something fun like fiction.

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1 thought on “Stephenie Meyer. Day 54.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    I wish for you, the very best with your efforts to find the right publisher, for your “personal story”… I understand the concept of “the right timing”, (for publishers), which can be difficult with our world, and people’s everyday “focus”, or “interests” changing ever so quickly…
    The story of Roger and your life together as a military family may be similar to many other military families who have lost a loved one to war and conflict, but the “personal aspects” of your lives together are “unique” and “different” from the other military spouses who have also lost a love one… All your stories are personal to you, and different from the others…
    Perhaps as a “beginning piece” you could find a publisher who would be interested in putting together a book of short stories from Gold Star military families, so that people in this country would read, and have a better understanding of the sacrifices made by our fallen Soldier, Air Man, Sailor, or Marine, as well as his, or her own family members left behind, without them forever…
    Keep on trying!!!
    Uncle Lee


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