543 Day Writing Journey

Adams Glossary. Day 56.

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We speak a different language around here. We use slang, made-up words that are mixes of real words, and some we still use that are products of the boys’ speech when they were babies. Here are a few:

Benia | ben·ia \ben·nyə\ noun: An alias of David, the German shepherd dog who lives with us.

*One day, we said “Nants ingonyama bagithi baba” which is the first line in the Lion King song, “Circle of Life” by Carmen Twillie and Lebo M. We thought it was spelled asabenia (When googled, one will see we were not the only ones.) and when we said it, David tilted his head. This was years ago, and because of that, we now call him Benia.

Hess \hes\ noun: hair

*Sammy created this word when he was a tot and started to talk. We still use it over 20 years later.

Sizzy | Siz·zy \si-zē\ noun: Gisele, the female German shepherd who lives with us.

*The word “Gisele” turned into Sizzy through regular speaking.

Swa9 |swa·9 \swȯ·nīn\ Adjective: swag

*We use the word “swag” quite often when complimenting each other on items like a new hat, good grade, or paycheck. Sammy began texting the word using the number nine instead of a g. When a bot, like one in a vehicle, reads the text aloud, it is pronounced as written above. Although Sammy created the written word, technically the bot created the pronunciation.

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