543 Day Writing Journey

Deductible Talk for my Sons. Day 67.

Since Sammy has his own vehicle now, a full-time job, and has graduated college, he has his own car insurance. Some of the lingo and decisions he had to make confused him.

“What’s a deductible?” he asked.

I tried to quickly tell him what that meant, and after a few words his eyes glossed over and he was clearly not absorbing any of it. I think it will work better if I type it, so here it goes:

If something happens to your vehicle or because of your vehicle and you have to make a claim, the deductible is what you subtract from the claim total amount. For example:

If the cost of repairs, damage to property, or injury is $1000:

  • If you have a $100 deductible, your insurance will cover $900 of the total.
  • If you have a $250 deductible, your insurance will cover $750 of the total.
  • If you have a $500 deductible, your insurance will cover $500 of the total.

The lower the deductible you decide to have on your policy the better the payout will be if there is an accident, but it will cost you more on your monthly payments. Yes, it would be better to save the money each month and keep some aside for emergencies, but a lower deductible guarantees you won’t have issues paying out if need be because, let’s be honest, good intentions to save the money are not easy to stick to.

That’s all for my insurance speech concerning deductibles. Book mark this page, sons.

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3 thoughts on “Deductible Talk for my Sons. Day 67.”

  1. Dear Sam,
    Welcome to the world of “personal responsibility”, and “personal accountability”!!! The freedoms you now have, unfortunately come with some “baggage”, like vehicle insurance, maintenance, registration, inspections, and now, “thanks” to our illustrious leader, the high cost of gasoline:(
    But; as a young adult, and a hard worker, you will find a way to overcome this “baggage”, in order to get yourself to work each day, take a nice ride through the countryside when you want to, and take pride in the care and cleaning of the vehicle you now own…
    I know that you will be able to address whatever comes your way, and make things happen, so you can “go with the flow”, like millions of others, your age, living in this country!!!
    Sometimes it feels like your $$$ goes into one of your hands, only to go out of the other, in order to keep going in life, and to be happy in doing so… (There is always that next pay check)!!! You’ll do well!!!
    Uncle Lee 🙂


  2. Remember how many times you said “I can’t wait till I’m older”, well welcome to our world…
    but you’ll do just fine.
    Nice car by the way!
    ❤ auntie sue


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