543 Day Writing Journey

What We’ve Done. Day 74.

So, one day when either I or one of my sons look back on these daily posts, we may need a reminder of how awesome we are, and how capable we are. So, this is what we’ve accomplished in the past year:

  • Tyler bought his own place.
  • Sammy graduated college.
  • Max learned to juggle.
  • Baylee became proficient in Zoom.
  • We got our house in Massachusetts ready to sell.
  • Tye finally adopted German shepherds.
  • I graduated college.
  • Baylee is continuing to study the drums.
  • We adopted a new cat, T’Challa.
  • Sammy bought his own car.
  • By the end of this year, Max will have his associate degree.
  • We found a house, packed, and moved to North Carolina.
  • Baylee learned the homeschooling ropes.
  • I learned the homeschooling ropes.
  • Max learned how to drive a stick.
  • We settled into our new house.
  • We learned a new town.
  • We challenged our reclusive nature and traveled.
  • I have written every day for 74 days.
  • I learned how to replace a faucet.
  • Tyler has created more work relationships.
  • Sammy started work.
  • Max learned the drums.

I feel like I need an exclamation point after each of these bullets. Look at us . . . for now!

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2 thoughts on “What We’ve Done. Day 74.”

  1. Each and every one of you needs a pat on the back! You have been through so much in your lives and yet you still go on and still learn and grow and are ALL amazing human beings! I am proud of each and every one of you for what is listed in this post as well as how awesome you each are, individually and as a family unit! Love you and miss you all!

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