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Sustainability. Day 76.

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For the past few years, we have put some serious effort into being a more sustainable family. We don’t use paper plates, paper towels, Red Solo cups, and other disposable items. We try to use the dishwasher when we can to limit the water we use to wash the dishes, and we’ve replaced paper napkins with cloth ones.

It started with water bottles. We used to use them all the time, then I started to notice that I was using more than half of them to water plants because they end up unclaimed in the Jeep or the boys’ bedrooms. We started using a Brita filter instead, and no longer use water bottles unless we’re out and that is our only option. Our choice has currently and temporarily been taken from us this week as well.

Our water heater has a leak, and we need to have it replaced. It will take a good week or so, especially because of the Thanksgiving holiday, until we have a new one installed. We’re campers and will be ok with our dry shampoo and very cold showers, but washing dishes takes lots of water boiling and they start to pile up after a bit. So, today I had to buy paper plates, plastic cups, and paper towels because I’m cooking on Thursday and just won’t be able to hack it otherwise.

I was shocked at how much they all filled up our carriage at the store, and it kind of makes me cringe a bit to use them. I cannot wait until we have a working water heater again, not because of the showers, but because I don’t like using this stuff anymore. Yea it’s convenient and even cleaner, but it’s not worth it to me.

We’re not trying to be Goody Two-Shoes and we really don’t turn up our noses and talk to many people about our obsession with Earth, but we did our research and know that using too many disposable items is no good for our beloved planet. Plastic loads up the landfills and interferes with the ecosystem. It’s not a secret.

Some people say it’s too hard to live a more sustainable life, and I agree, it can suck, but it gets easier and even can turn into a healthy obsession. Every little bit helps and it does not have to be all-or-nothing. It costs less, too! Buy washable water bottles, use real plates, and napkins are really cheap on Amazon. They look swag, and Earth will thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Sustainability. Day 76.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    Your Aunt & I are old now; so we tend to follow “the path of least resistance”, and on this subject, we do use paper plates, paper towels, Kleenex tissues, & toilet paper…
    With my OCD, I do follow “one rule”, and it has to do with “re-cycling paper, metal, & plastic…
    I have, in the past, cut up some old metal overhead light fixtures, in order for them to fit into the re-cycle bin, for weekly pick-up…
    We use (2) large plastic rain barrels to catch rain water during summer months, so we can water plants, flowers, and the garden with a drip hose… We also have a compost bin, where all “organic” vegetable, fruit, waste goes, before being turned over in our raised bed garden…
    Because we’re old now, we tend to throw a lot of “over-due” vegetables and fruit, back into our garden because we forget we had these certain fruit or vegetable items in the refrigerator bins, and find them too late…
    Also; because we’re old now, we tend to use a lot of toilet paper…
    Uncle Lee 🙂

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  2. I’m bad. I love my paper plates, I do use my stainless mug, it keeps a drink with ice, cold all day with cubes still in tact. I have a dish washer after 48 years and a garbage disposal finally, but never having them before I forget they are there.
    I live with the “KING OF RECYCLING”…look out he’s always on patrol. It’s good your kids are trying, I think it should be stressed a bit more in most homes.
    Good job Teri!
    ❤auntie sue

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