543 Day Writing Journey

No Hot Water Still. Day 82.

We used all the dishes on Thanksgiving.

There’s this funny little dark cloud that loves to hover over the function of any house I am living in at the time. It rains on my well, stoves, many dishwashers, heat pumps which have always been used to air condition my houses in North Carolina. (Look it up.) We’ve lived with non-functioning faucets, broken dryers, non-working toilets, and so many other affected components of our houses’ moving parts, most recently, the water heater.

The only water that has come out of the taps for the past few days is the temperature of a very deep well in November. It has a minimal effect on our lives, but we’re a little greasier, and starting to become a little crabby.

To wash the dishes, I boil water on our electric stove and pour it into the sink. My back’s a little sore, but I really don’t hate the process. It’s calming, even after hour three, especially after Thanksgiving. People asked me if I needed help washing them, but I said no for two reasons: I didn’t want to waste visiting time doing dishes in a semi-primitive way, and I also didn’t want to share the process with anyone.

Washing dishes taking longer isn’t the only pain in the butt because we don’t have hot water, we’re all so desperate to take a shower. We’ve been boiling water and filling the sink and washing our hair that way, and doing what we can to keep below our heads clean.

It was worth the extra work.

A new water heater will be here soon, hopefully this week. It’s one of the easier appliances to lose use of, and we’re grateful we at least have some water. My boys know what to do and rarely complain because they’ve learned in their lives how to live in not-so-fluffy conditions at times.

“It’s all part of homeownership,” I’ve heard many times.

I wonder sometimes if we’re just a little rough on our houses. I can live with that. It means we’re truly living. Also, we’ll always know how to manage without perfection. Our house is full, noisy, and busy. It’s how I like it.

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7 thoughts on “No Hot Water Still. Day 82.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    “No Hot Water Still – Day 82”?!? I’m hoping that this “title” doesn’t mean that you have been without hot water for 82 days?!? Please tell me “no”!!!
    Uncle Lee 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think I could deal easier with no hot water for a week, rather than no way to heat your home. Either way it’s still best to be able to
    flush a toilet.
    auntie sue

    Liked by 1 person

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