543 Day Writing Journey

I’m Boring. Day 84.

I worked a concert for Buck Cherry once selling T-Shirts and other merch.

When I look back and reread some of my posts, I fight the desire to cringe. I’ve become quite boring over the years.

I talk about my chickens, sustainability, road trips, writing, and I even penned poetry about some wild turkeys I befriended a few years back. It’s white-knuckle stuff, I know, but it’s dull. I’m dull. What happened to me? Don’t say it’s an aging thing because I’m not there yet.

I used to be the wild one, the fun one, the one who would say, “Yes I’ll go out dancing. Give me a few minutes to put on deodorant and brush my teeth.” I would leave the house at nine p.m. and now it’s a lucky day if I’m not quite under the covers by then watching sitcoms or documentaries, and I love dancing! It’s been years!

It used to be concerts, dancing, parties, and even inviting new people into my life. Is it a sign of the new times, my mental state, or just how life is? Do I strive to find more fun for my life or do I simply settle back on a Saturday night with my bag of M&M’s and watch Golden Girls?

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4 thoughts on “I’m Boring. Day 84.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    “Girl”; you don’t know what boring is, until you reach my age!!! When you find yourself sitting outside the house, drinking a cold beer, and talking to the Squirrels or nearby Birds, for your entertainment, you will then realize how boring you really are!!!
    Uncle Lee 🙂

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  2. Being a homebody is not a bad thing! And you are not boring! You have made a comfortable life for you and the boys, living the way you want to live. One day–you will be chasing grandbabies all over your property! Boring will go out the window then.
    In today’s world…people would love to live the simpler life…they just don’t know how to let go of society and REALLY enjoy themselves.

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  3. Hey, boring you are not!
    As uncle Lee said at our age boring is our way of life…he has you beat, he’s sawing wood by 8:00 these days…and excitement for me lately is watching all the leaves blow out of our yard down the street into neighbors yards…(am I bad?)🙃
    auntie sue

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