543 Day Writing Journey

Random Thoughts. Day 90.

  • I’ve vowed to embrace putting miles on my vehicle. It means I have a life.
  • Only two of my boys were able to go Christmas tree shopping with me this year.
  • I wonder how many times I put my finger on the top of my sons’ shoes and said, “Wiggle your toe.”
  • Hot water isn’t a natural thing, well not a common natural thing. It’s a fairly new way to wash hair, relatively speaking.
  • I should tell more people to watch Miley Cyrus sing “Nothing Else Matters” with Metallica.
  • I miss hearing coyotes as much as I did in Mass.
  • It’s sad that good-looking criminals are proven to be given shorter sentences than ugly ones.
  • I should have studied entomology.
  • We’ll all die one day and that sucks.
  • I miss Northern pizza.
  • Mineral rights is an unsettling real estate occurrence.
  • Jack Black cracks me up.
  • How long until one rebecomes a virgin?
  • Once Sammy and I were in a class at college together and my phone went off playing rap music loudly and I couldn’t get it to stop.
  • Laking Reaves is a beautiful name.
  • I’m convinced if my boys and I did a pod cast we’d be rich.
  • I missed wishing someone happy birthday on Facebook so now I don’t do it for anyone because it’s not fair.
  • There’s a road nearby called Croomsbridge Road. It’s very remote, so whimsical and green.
  • I miss Friday nights at Nana’s with Donnie and Marie and The Muppet Show.
  • War dogs don’t get enough credit.
  • Should I have let the boys choose whether or not to be circumcised?
  • My dream job is to be a feature writer.
  • A few decades ago, our beta fish, Pachey, passed away and we were inconsolable for an entire weekend.
  • Some people call me Teri.
  • Whenever I have to say, “He was killed in Iraq” it darkens the conversation with a nice stranger.
  • I miss my professors.
  • Sneaking out of a house is so thrilling.
  • There’s this thing called “chicken math.”
  • Concession stand food is underrated.

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