543 Day Writing Journey

Like a Nail in the Head. Day 92.

Our search for a new canine family member came to an end quickly. Of course, Baylee was on it like sweetness on a honeycrisp apple, but the discovery was actually made by me and by accident on social media.

While scrolling through my Facebook feed the day after I wrote that post, I saw a female shepherd on a local rescue site. She reminded me of my David. They both show their energy in their eyes, and she was six months old so the potty training and chewing up stuff would almost be over for her, so I filled out an application.

We agreed on a time to go meet her and the place is only four minutes away. It’s called Hamilton’s Healing Hearts in Willard, NC and is run by two very warm people. I was greeted by the sweetest cat and a barred rock hen, met the humans, then they brought the pup out. At the time, her name was Dollie Mae.

She came out like a wrecking ball, typical German shepherd, and loved on me so much. She was friendly, driven, and full of energy. Perfect for our house with three very adult shepherds. She will liven them up and they will show her the way.

German shepherds are a special breed of dog. They are not the kind you can just take home and leave be, which contradicts their adorable puppy faces. They can be destructive (She’s not at all actually) and they each have their own personalities which are always unique like a fingerprint. Also, females and males are different, generally speaking. Here are some things, and only a few,  I’ve learned about German shepherds in my lifetime of having them as a child and an adult:

  • They are always underfoot, which means there’s no rushing, so the guardian will become proficient in balance and grace.
  • They want to be near their person constantly, which means the guardian will not be lonely, and will always know where they are.
  • They are protective, which means the guardian will sleep less, but will know when harm is near.
  • They love to play, which means their guardian will be tired, but maybe lose those extra ten (or more) pounds.
  • They’re loyal, which means they will invade their favorite person’s space, but they ensure the guardian will never be lonely.

I decided to adopt her, brought her home, and inserted a little youthful wildness into our home. We changed her name to Wanda Maximoff for two reasons: First, we love Marvel and Wanda Maximoff is bad ass. Second, my middle name is Mae, after my Nana’s, and I would love to save that for a granddaughter one day to keep it in the human part of the family.

The new pack. Wanda Maximoff is on the right, happy as can be.

She’s fitting in perfectly and figuring out the pack hierarchy. It’s not a given she won’t be the alpha. She does not back down and becomes upset when she’s not with all the people and all the pups, so if Gisele is up on the couch when I’m in the kitchen writing, she keeps going back and forth until we’re all together again.

So, welcome Wanda to the family. We’re so thrilled to have her, and a little tired.

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6 thoughts on “Like a Nail in the Head. Day 92.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    I still think David has “crazy eyes”!!! (Best of luck with Ms. Wanda Maximoff; she’s a good looking young Shepard)…
    Uncle Lee 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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