543 Day Writing Journey

It Really is Strange. Day 98.

Photo by Shamia Casiano on Pexels.com

E.T., Ghostbusters, and all of the Star Wars movies quickly put me at my limit of science fiction. I just never would have considered myself one who likes shows or movies with monsters, annoying timelines, and cheesy romance mixed into it all. My type of watch and read has always been more in the genre of realism, but the kids just don’t quit, and I have reasons for giving in.

They convinced me to watch Wandavision, and it opened my mind to Marvel which created a semi-obsession. (Who am I kidding? I named my dog Wanda Maximoff.) And, after some more whining and begging, I finally agreed to watch Stranger Things, an odd science-fiction Netflix series based in the early 1980’s that Sammy, Max, and Baylee all loved. (We’re still working on Tye.) I didn’t think I’d like it, but I was wrong.

My boys don’t love reading so it makes this mom happy to have art to discuss with them. The theories and writing styles fascinate all of us, so we share and debate about our current common interest. What’s cool about our latest shared series, is that the setting is 1983 so the screen is infested with the music, dress, and even high, stiff hair of my most molding decade.

The typical eighties characteristics in Stranger Things is the best part for me, as they bring me back to my Aqua Net youth. The messy mullets, cars not starting when the bad guy is closing in, and eerie alarm sounds are a product of the decade, and the creators, The Duffer Brothers, are to either thank or blame.

Old, hot-pink cans of Tab, the poofy, curly hair, and all the different types of Converse and Vans, are hard not to look for, leaving any viewer with a need to rewind so the plot is not lost. Traits of the eighties are illuminated, making me wince a little in front of the boys because I feel somewhat a result of the cringy decade. (Did you hear scrunchies are back!?)

One thing I remember so greatly from my childhood TV and movie watching is the incessant, time-wasting peeling out. In Stranger Things, as in all eighties shows, people peel out. They peel out when they are speeding towards something, away from something, or neither, and the stabbing nod at my decade’s screen productions are almost embarrassing, and I so love it!

So, if you’re into mullets, monsters, and muscles, watch Stranger Things. You’ll fall in love with the characters with names like Mike, Will, and Nancy, and will say “oh yeah” too many times. It’ll make you reminisce, and the storyline is totally tubular.

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