543 Day Writing Journey

Googling Symptoms. Day 104.

Wanda is on the mend.

My pup was spayed last week. She’s six months old and I hate to leave her in her crate all day but I understand it’s important for her to fully heal before she can be set free into the yard. We were only taking her outside to use the potty and keeping her confined otherwise. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a young one around, so I wanted to research aftercare a little more extensively than what was provided to us, just to see how long she really needed to be locked up.

Dang it’s a scary thing to do. I have refrained for the past many years from using a search engine when I have a weird cough or if the boys had any of the many symptoms boys get during their childhood, because all I find in my quest is the darkest and scariest answers. At times it seems deliberate. Even WebMD, although informative, is terrifying. I have lost sleep many, many nights because of the what-ifs I read about online.

Is it their goal to freak us out, or do they always go to the worst-case scenario because of litigation and insurance company rules? There have been multiple times I would call the nurse-line to ask about the boys’ symptoms when they were kids only to be told, “I would just have them be seen if I were you.” For a cold? Why can’t we just ask questions?

Companies, because of their fear of being sued or cancelled, are now unable to offer a simple answer like, “Yes, that rash is going to be fine,” or “Sure, let your pup play for a couple minutes at a time.” Instead we find answers telling us the end is near and to start making preparations, so although we have answers because of the best technology at our fingertips, it is virtually useless, and we all believe our chapped lips are cancer. It’s a wonder why the world is so anxious these days.

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