543 Day Writing Journey

Gifts. Day 106.

Baylee when he was four, wrapping a gift for one of his brothers.

The past few days have been a lot of, “Mom, can you come with me Christmas shopping.” Although I would have rather stayed home, safe from Omicron and grumpy people, I cherish the little time I have with my kids, and there’s nothing like watching them shop for their brothers. Also, people-watching is one of my favorite activities.

Men so big they swayed right then left, carrying bright pink ride-on toy cars and armfuls of toy horses and race cars melted my heart, and a little, older man in the greeting card section read each card thoroughly before choosing the perfect one for a lucky recipient. (It was truly the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long while.) Something else that is always quite syrupy is watching my kids buy for each other, and I’ve been getting to do a lot of that lately.

The gifts they choose for each other are well thought-out and sometimes very funny. I can’t share any of them now because the surprises will be ruined, but trust me, it’s heart-warming. Although presents are not what the holidays are supposed to be about, it is the one time during our year that my boys will show each other how they feel. There’s no doubt they love each other, and Christmas reminds me of that in a concrete fashion.

I’m so blessed to have four sons whom I share with an American hero, but their love for each other is what I thank God for every night. They talk every day, spend their free time together, and truly enjoy each other’s company. Their presents to each other this time of year remind me of what special gifts they are to me. Santa works in the most mysterious ways. Thanks, big guy.

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1 thought on “Gifts. Day 106.”

  1. You raised really caring young men…we need more parents like you and Roger in the world. It would be a much better America.
    Love you
    Auntie Sue ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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