543 Day Writing Journey

Wow. Day 111.

Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

For 111 days straight, I have been writing. Sometimes it’s a simple revision, others it’s a scheduled post, but I have been practicing some form of writing, revising, or organizing my thoughts for 111 days!

It’s about time I committed to something like this, something personal and a little selfish. My confidence has grown, and my practice is smooth. It’s like exercising with the focus on my weary mind muscles, and now that the holidays and craziness of moving in is over, I am ready to do this for real.

Months ago, I began a job search, honed my resumé, created a quiet and comfortable workspace, and prepared the masses. Events, trips, and holidays created a distraction but now I’m back. Baylee’s homeschooling is smooth, plus he’s taking some electives this coming semester so it will be a little easier for him to use some self-guidance.

I’ve written almost a complete memoir, press releases for college, feature stories for our local newspaper, proposals, posts, poems, fiction and non, and many other genres of letter forming, but have never been paid. I have a project lined up to interview someone for an important story so I will start there and see where it takes me. I am beyond excited about this new adventure!

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2 thoughts on “Wow. Day 111.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    You are a “very good writer”, and I wish you much success in receiving some well earned revenue for your creative and informative writing supporting “other business entities”…
    Uncle Lee 🙂

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