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Speaking of Wanda. Day 114.

Our Wanda. She looks a little chubby-butt in this photo, but she’s still quite ribby.

It’s been about eight years since we’ve had a young pup in the house, and we all forgot just how difficult it can be. We want Wanda to have manners so we can socialize and take her places, so training her is constant. We also don’t want her to eat our stuff like pillows and clothing, because it could hurt her, and well, we love our stuff. Most importantly, we don’t want anything to happen to her, so we have to monitor her always, including even when she’s in her crate sometimes, which we call a crib.

Many people don’t realize dogs like to be in their crate. They may cry when they’re in it at times, but ultimately, it’s a place of safety for them, a place of security. Crate-training has worked best for our family of pups.

I am no dog trainer, but have had them my whole life, and am especially familiar with German shepherds, to include their individual personalities. Wanda, however, is a little different. She possesses many traits that don’t align with my shepherds, like a high-pitched voice, extreme toy (and passing cars) drive, and she has more of a machine mentality than a logical one. Of course, she is not quite seven months so her behavior will change. Her looks, though, also make her stand out, so we’ve been doing research.

I have reason to believe she is at least part Belgian Malinois. She may be mixed with German shepherd, which would make sense, but her face is narrow and her eyes are slanted more than a shepherd. Although quite similar, the two breeds do require different types of attention and training, so I may have her DNA tested just to wholly know what she needs that is different than her siblings.

She’s part of this family for life now, but I will surely be skinny in the next few months from getting up and chasing her around to get the tiny piece of plastic she found or the pillow with Home Sweet Home written on it. Her siblings will also lose those few Christmas pounds they added to their bodies. She’s not too bad about getting into things and is totally potty-trained, so that I am thankful for.

A pet is a lifetime commitment, and we really love Wanda. She has some wonderful down times when she’ll plant her little head on your lap, and she knows how to make a person feel loved and needed. She’s funny, incredibly spry, and a fast-learner. (Back in 1996 I had a border collie/lab mix, Annie, who could jump so high. Wanda, though, can jump higher than I’ve ever seen in my life up-close. It’s impressive.)

We’re happy to have her and I’m excited to share her progress with people. Until then, I will continue to assure her that she’s here to stay and that she is part of us.

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2 thoughts on “Speaking of Wanda. Day 114.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    As long as she realizes who the “Alpha” is; and it is “You”, young lady!!! Don’t let her charm her way around you!!! “Best of luck to You”!!!
    Uncle Lee 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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