543 Day Writing Journey

Taking a Break. Day 115.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Pexels.com

Although I enjoy seeing posts of people’s pets, kids, accomplishments, and so on, I need a break.

I find myself at times aimlessly scrolling and seeing the same posts over and over, not because I’m being deliberate about it, but because I am using it as some type of pacifier. My focus has been compromised and my attention has become fogged.

When I get on these social media binges, I become a person I don’t like. I judge, get angry about things I cannot control, and will even find myself looking at the comments on controversial posts. It does no good to do that. In fact, it does harm. There are times I can feel the emotions, physically, in my chest.

I find myself being more sad and depressed when I spend too much time online, and miss the good stuff, like writing, looking at people in real life, or reading a book. I would rather spend my time playing Yahtzee with the boys or walking the yard phoneless.

In February, I will revisit Facebook and Instagram, but for now, they will be off my phone and I won’t visit on my laptop either. My focus needs to be redirected. If you need to be in touch with me, do it on this site. Peace to you all.

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