543 Day Writing Journey

Feeling Motivated. Day 123.


Yesterday was an important memoir day. Instead of talking about my future plans and intentions, I actually did something. I’m an awesome planner and dreamer, but following through on personal goals, not professional, can make me struggle at times.

I organized the chapters, deleted many words, and have even started rewriting it. I’ve grown in my writing and did cringe a bit when I read some of what I wrote, but it’s easy, and almost fun, to write it again, differently, with a more mature mind, even though the material can be quite thought-, and emotion-provoking.

My fuel and strength in this new way of looking at my memoir is the relationship our little family had, which continues to this day. We were close back then with Roger, and we are still, even though it’s only his memory that is here. With revising comes rereading and one of the reasons I’ve been struggling to revisit my story is because it is very painful at times, but with a new, positive lens (Thanks, Nancy), I can show the world Roger and all that he was and still is.

Gosh, our romance was real. In my first draft, it was sappy and I did cringe when I read it again. I’m trying to show our beginnings without all that awkward nectar. It’s too basic, too embarrassing, and too much for the boys to roll their eyes at.

Today, I will continue rewriting my memoir using the new folders I created. It’s easier to find what I’m looking for. Organization and positivity is all I needed, so here I go.

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