543 Day Writing Journey

Affordable Gutters. Day 128.

“Dad used to climb up there on a ladder and install new gutters,” I said, nodding towards the four-story beach houses.

We were driving home from Tyler’s condo on North Topsail Island in NC.

“Wow,” Baylee said. “Those are high.”

“They are. Dad wasn’t afraid of heights.”

After Roger got out of the Marine Corps., he worked at Affordable Gutters which I believe is based in Maple Hill, NC. His boss was a guy named Albert. He made ten bucks an hour and it helped us pay the bills. At the time, I was pregnant with Baylee, our fourth son.

The day I went into labor, Roger called Albert and let him know he would miss work that day, but would be in the next.

“Take a couple days off,” Albert said to him.

“I really can’t afford to,” Roger said.

As much as we wanted Roger to be home with the new little one, he needed to work.

We went to the hospital, and I had Baylee (full story in my memoir), and when we went home to our ranch on Shamrock Drive, the mailbox was full of bills, advertisements, and an envelope.

It was from Albert. In it, was a letter-sized envelope with $200 in it.

Roger always had kind words about Albert, a boss he only had for a couple months. Roger was a good worker, yes, and Albert must have seen that, but he was a sweet, generous person. I am grateful for him, a man who was in our family’s life for only a short time. I only met him once, but he left a lasting impact on my sense of humanity and kindness.

So, Albert, thank you. We’re doing really well and I hope the same for you.

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2 thoughts on “Affordable Gutters. Day 128.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    That gentleman, Albert, sounds like a great guy; a guy who knew, and understood the value of having an employee with great work ethics working for him… He was also a very compassionate man, who just wanted to do something nice for one of his employees, who needed the “extra help” during that time of need for his young family…
    Unfortunately, employers like this, these days, are few and far between; but if our younger generation in the workforce today, work hard, show their loyalty, and exhibit a good work ethic, they just might find a “Saint”, just like Albert!!!
    Uncle Lee 🙂

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  2. Albert’s kindness, fourteen or however many years later, brought tears to my eyes. It is the unexpected acts of kindness from everyday people that are the most meaningful and touching. Thank you, Albert, for showing unexpected kindness to a family I love.

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