543 Day Writing Journey

The Best. Day 129.

“Today was the best day ever!”

“That was the best spaghetti you ever made.”

“She’s one of my best friends.”

I could go on and on with example sentences using the word best in them, but I don’t think I need to. We all use it incorrectly, don’t we?

I remember many times after Roger died, I would want to use the word to describe a Christmas or a Superbowl party we would host. I felt that I was no longer allowed to say that word when talking about something Roger was absent from, like a vacation or a summer picnic, because it was unfair to him and to us.

Well, I guess I can’t say this is the best day ever again.

The fact is, we all use it wrong. There’s no best anything. It’s like favorite. Do you have a favorite color? What does that mean? My brother used to ask us for our favorite color, and if someone said pink or turquoise, he’d say, “Do you want a pink house?”

Touché. He’s correct.

There are no bests or favorites, so I don’t have to give up saying the word like I did before Roger passed, I just have to realize, unless it’s a dog show, it’s a word filled with hypocritical connotations that lack any type of reality. It’s kind of freeing.

Rant over. Enjoy the weekend.

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