543 Day Writing Journey

Camping. Day 130.

“Ok, let’s plan our menu,” I have said many, many times.

“Burgers, obviously.” Roger said, “And, pancakes!”

Our camping gear is maybe the most organized part of my life with each bin in my storage shed being a home for something specific.

I’ve written about camping often, even a couple months ago, but I still have not planned a trip! What’s wrong with me?

Cooking, Flashlights and Batteries, Miscellaneous equipment, First Aid, etc. are what the laminated labels read on the plastic bins we purchased decades ago. It was our favorite activity to do as a family, and it was one we could afford. Since we already had the gear, all we needed to do was pay the less-than-twenty bucks for the site, and pack the food we would have already eaten that weekend.

We became proficient at camping. Because Roger was in the marines on the grunt side, and because I camped as a child, we knew all the tricks. He never pounded his chest and tried to make it something it wasn’t either. It was family camping, so we didn’t eat MRE’s or paint our faces, most of the time anyway, and we always ate the best food.

Some of my boys like to camp, some don’t. Baylee took his first steps in a tent at Carolina Beach in NC. I love it and need to find a friend to camp with me. Gisele would live in a tent, and I would like to take the new pup, Wanda.

It’s therapeutic and fresh, and it can be comfortable. I use an air mattress, a camp stove, I prepare some of the food ahead of time. We don’t live on nuts and berries for days and our toilet paper isn’t leaves. It’s simply been too long since I’ve slept in the woods, and I need to change that.  

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