543 Day Writing Journey

Paisano’s. Day 132.

“Two large cheese pizzas, two orders of mozzarella sticks, a large turkey grinder with extra mayo only, and two orders of fries,” I have said to the woman on the phone many times. Our chat was in perfect syncopation, so efficient.

The conversation I refer to is with someone who works at a restaurant in Southampton, Massachusetts, called Paisano’s. It’s the local pizza joint we used to order from all the time when we lived there, and we dearly miss it.

They were about five minutes from our house, so the food was always piping hot when it arrived. So hot, the cheese on the pizza was still molten, and not quite ready for us to remove it from the box. It isn’t about the cheese, though, but the tomato sauce, salty, sweet, and so thick and rich. It’s why we couldn’t stay away, but we had other reasons.

During the pandemic, people said to “buy local” and “support local business” and that’s all we needed to hear. Because we weren’t leaving the house, it was an extra obvious sign from the heavens that we needed more Paisano’s, but we really didn’t appreciate it at the time as we should have.

We don’t have pizza like that where we live now, and although we love our new home and area, we do miss our Paisano’s, and we never got to say goodbye. I wonder if she misses us, too.

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