543 Day Writing Journey

Gross Meter. Day 133.

“Mom, can you get this stain out? I think it’s grease,” Tyler said. He handed me his Bill Belichick Foundation hoodie which is quite new.

“I think so,” I said. I looked forward to the challenge.

I rubbed a mix of Dawn dish detergent and water into the small stain, washed it in the machine twice, and it came out perfectly clean. I pounded my internal man chest a bit and quickly sent a photo of my success to Tyler. He replied with five happy face emojis, and I felt accomplished.*

Growing up with brothers, raising four sons, and always being surrounded by multiple animals, gifts me with a higher-than-normal gross meter. I’ve scooped, wiped, and washed all sorts of organisms, organic and not.

Tennis Ball Slime thanks to David

I’ve purchased more than my share of carpet cleaners with various attachments, different cleaning supplies depending on the mess, and my paper towel usage have not been so kind to Mother Earth. I’ve walked into stores with vomit on my shoulder or tennis ball slime (Yes, it exists.) on my pants. My sniffer has become immune to certain aromas with the help of local candle companies, my own smell-immunity, and Febreze.

At this point, I find humor in it, and dress accordingly. I’m blessed to have a multitude of creatures around me to mess up my shirt or stain the carpet. Perfection doesn’t come in white couches and unchewed kitchen chairs, but in grimy tennis balls and muddy socks. It means we’re living, so I’ll take it.

*Be sure to mix the Dawn with water or it may leave a blue stain on the garment.

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3 thoughts on “Gross Meter. Day 133.”

  1. I’ve been using dawn since 1970 on my silk work blouses when I worked at UMass. It would take the oil stains from salads and chips right out without any damage to the silk. It is one of those must haves…like peanut butter! 😁
    ❤auntie sue

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  2. Dear Teri,
    “Whew; as long as it was only “tennis ball slime”, and not blood stains, left on your pant’s leg, from David’s fangs”!!! :0
    Uncle Lee 🙂

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