543 Day Writing Journey

Superpowers. Day 134.

Poor Gisele. Her belly isn’t happy with their new food.

Whether you want the ability to fly, perform telekinesis, or to make yourself invisible (creepy one), we’ve all answered the question: “What superpower would you want to have?”

Baylee said he’d like to be able to fly, which I get. I don’t generally like flying, but if I had control of it, I think it would be swag.

Max said his favorite superpower is telekinesis, which I have no use for. I would become too lazy, though, if I was able to manipulate stuff without lifting a finger. Plus, I’m sure headaches would occur.

One that I always choose but was never offered to me as an option in the virtual list of powers is the ability to communicate with animals. Imagine how powerful that must be, yes, but in my personal life, it would be incredible.

We started feeding the dogs a new food, and it’s not quite agreeing with their stomachs. They’ve not been feeling well, and although I think they’re on the mend, I wish I could tell them they’re not in trouble for being sick.

Seeing their sad faces when their stomachs start to grumble breaks my heart, but seeing them feel guilty for it makes me wish I could communicate with them. It seems sensible enough, right, and easy, relatively speaking.

We, as humans, can go to space, create humans in dishes, send photos on devices to faraway places, and have all seen a photo of an actual black hole, yet we can’t tell the sparrow we’re watching that we don’t want to kill her.

Imagine how cool it would be to go to a zoo and chat with an elephant or tarantula, and if it’s power you are in search of, imagine having all the world’s creatures as potential friends. You could bargain with them and have a greater understanding of Earth.

I just don’t understand why that’s not listed in the top superpowers, and although it’s a fictional list of abilities, I feel like mine would be especially beneficial, and it seems the most in our reach.

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