543 Day Writing Journey

He Can’t Use a Phone. Day 135.

Sammy’s first office prank.

Sammy was born in 1998, which means by the time he was able to use a phone without supervision, he had a cell phone. Well, I never thought to teach him how to work an old-fashioned plugin phone.

He got a promotion at his job at Treasure Realty in Surf City, NC, and is working in an office. He so loves it, but has come home with funny stories about using a phone.

“You’re good with people,” I said. “You’ll get it.”

“It’s not that,” he said. “The phone has so many buttons!”

I started thinking, and realized that he’s never used a phone with a cord. He’s also never used a phone that plugs into a wall, cordless or not.

“I played with that phone at Grandma and Grandpa’s,” he said. He’s talking about an avocado rotary phone they liked to play with when they were little.

“That doesn’t count,” I said.

Gone are the days of answering a phone blindly, and also the ones when caller ID came about, then the cell phones, and now we all live during a time when we text or email only.

Once word got around the office that Sammy was new to the technology, they decided to have fun with it, and handed him the phone without the cord attached. He answered it.

I couldn’t stop laughing at the photo they sent to me after they pranked him, plus we’ve always loved practical jokes. There are two things I can take from this:

  • I’m happy Sammy is being pranked at work. It shows they like him.
  • Teach your adult children who came of age during the technological boom how to use a phone that plugs into the wall. I will use my parenting fail as a lesson to you.

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1 thought on “He Can’t Use a Phone. Day 135.”

  1. Too funny! I wonder what Mia and Mario would do…they would freak…
    My Nana had the heavy metal rotary phone till I was a teenager…no princess phones in her house. Sam will be able to add that on his resume…
    ❤auntie sue

    Liked by 1 person

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