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Ukraine. Day 136.

Photo by Artem Podrez on Pexels.com

I have readers in Ukraine. To them, I pray for peace during this unsettling time. Whether or not a conflict comes to fruition, it must be concerning and scary.

In Baylee’s homeschooling lessons, he is learning about The Civil War. Historical descriptions of war, I believe, are always the most accurate in literature and art, and not in history books. Anne Frank, for example, truly tells us what we need to know about her experience in war better than any textbook can. Instead of numbers, she tells the human story. Humans are the ones we forget to think about when we study events such as unrest and war. Humans are the ones we choose not to think about.

When Roger came home from Iraq the first time in 2005, he didn’t talk about it much. When he did talk about it, which was rare, his fixation was on the regular people over there, and the dogs. He played soccer with the kids and befriended citizens. I think we’ve all been guilty of shaking our heads to limit our concentration on how humans are affected when there is a conflict in a different country.

Politics don’t belong on my page, so I’m not addressing the details of the potential conflict. All I know is people are probably worried, losing sleep over this, and concerned for their friends, family, and other citizens. They worry for their children and their lives, and it must be difficult.

I see you, people of Ukraine. Your peace and worry is on my mind.

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2 thoughts on “Ukraine. Day 136.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    If “political leaders”, especially those in power, really did care about “everyday people”, (especially the innocent children), we would probably see less war, and conflict throughout the world… But, unfortunately, many are stubborn “boneheads” who only think of their own self-interests, and that of their own political party…
    Hopefully, “cooler heads will prevail” between Russia, and the Ukraine governments…
    Uncle Lee

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