543 Day Writing Journey

Must Love Chaos. Day 145.

I love chaos. Me with my four pups and my son’s and his girlfriend’s.

Dating has been the recent topic of conversation in some of my friend circles (not me, them), so it makes me think. It still horrifies me to even imagine meeting someone out in public or even chatting with a person via text or phone call. Instead of giving myself unnecessary anxiety, I try to have fun with the thought and imagine how I would write my dating profile bio.

Years ago, I watched a movie called Must Love Dogs  with Diane Lane and John Cusack. It’s a sappy romcom about two lonely people (spoiler) who meet for a date where one of the requirements is they must love dogs. I bet you can guess that there’s a happy ending, and although I’m not a fan of this specific genre of movie, it really is cute.

What would I put in my write up or bio? How would I limit my hook-line to five words or less? Is “Must Love Chaos” something that would attract the right type of person for me, or would I be in for it with solicitations from creepy fetish types? Who seeks out mayhem?

I mean, weeding out people has to happen. What if someone is allergic to cats? Or, what if they hate chickens, have little dogs of their own, or like tranquility? Gosh, if they like quiet, they might as well swipe whichever direction says nope. Bose noise-cancelling headphones can only do so much in my lively abode.

People have come into my house, inhaled deeply, and said, “You can’t even tell you have that many animals.”

“Um, thanks?”

They expect something different, but I hold stock in Goose Creek Candle Company, and we have to work hard to keep up with the remnants of the non-human inhabitants of the house. Although the house smells fresh, it holds soaring energy for most of the hours that exist in the day, and it’s not only noise, but actual recordable tremors.

Joking about this with certain people brings out their sympathetic side and they say things like, “I’m sorry. You’ll find someone.” I assure you, though, I am happy and complete being single. Also, I am not looking. I just wonder sometimes if it’s in the cards for me sometime in the future. If yes, how will it happen? I’ve dated after Roger died, and it’s complicated.

“I’ll never live up to his legacy,” some have said.

No, they won’t. Why would they want to? He is him and they are them. Stop trying to live up to his legacy and work on your own.

One day I will be the only human in this house, and I would like to have some company. Maybe I could get some roommates, or maybe a friend will move in with me. I know this is future talk, but futures creep up on me these days, and I would love to have someone to cook tacos for, someone to watch documentaries about space with me, and someone to notify my next of kin if I fall in the chicken run and become high-protein feed. So, yes, he must love chaos, just the right kind.

Side Note: In my search for information about the movie, I encountered an interesting find, a dating app called Dig. Click Here

Click Here: 543

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