543 Day Writing Journey

White-coat Hypertension. Day 147.

Baylee taking Max’s blood pressure.

Gone are the days when I would look forward to my appointments with the doctor. There is no more listening for a fetal heartbeat, or even better, seeing their little bean bodies on an ultrasound screen. Now, my appointments aren’t as fun.

My annual exam was today and I came home with a fun new diagnosis called white-coat hypertension.

It’s a form of high blood pressure that happens when you visit the doctor.

“I’ve been to the doctor millions of times in my life,” I told her.

“Well, it’s normal to feel this way, especially during a pandemic,” she said.

Working or schooling from home can leave a person with social anxiety when they finally do exit the home, and in my case, it registered on me physically.

I taught Baylee how to take blood pressure and have taken mine at home myself. It’s fine unless I am out and about. Until today, I didn’t know white-coat hypertension existed. It’s like a catch-22. I can feel myself start to sweat when she puts the cuff on my arm, and knowing I am making it worse makes it worse.

Thankfully, everything else is good, and now, nobody is safe in the path of Baylee now that he knows how to use his dad’s sphygmomanometer. Future EMT? Time will only tell.

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5 thoughts on “White-coat Hypertension. Day 147.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    Other than a “slightly” elevated blood pressure, I’m glad that all went well for you… Just wait until your old, broken down, and deteriorating like me!!! 😦
    Perhaps one day in the future we’ll hear; “Paging Doctor Adams”, “Paging Dr. Adams”?!?
    Uncle Lee 🙂

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  2. Mines high just thinking about my appointment. And if they squeeze that bulb one more time I swear I’d like to place it around their neck to see how high I can get their pressure to! 😬
    auntie sue

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