543 Day Writing Journey

Just Try It. Day 148.

Do it for Roseanne.

“Why do you keep checking the ingredients?” I asked Sammy.

“There’s no way this isn’t real meat,” he said, skeptical. With some of the products listed below, you would never know.

I’m not suggesting you turn into a hippie vegetarian. I’m not even talking about the health benefits because each brand differs. I’m only trying to pass the word that some of the products you see advertised in restaurants, on TV, and all over the internet are incredibly delicious.

In all cases except the deli meat, the best way to prepare the items is in the air fryer. The oven works as well, but it just takes longer and sucks more energy which is no good for your wallet or Mother Earth. For the love of all that is good, don’t microwave them!

Some brands are good, some are not good. If you click on the highlighted brand name, a link will take you to their web site so you can learn more. See the following brands my boys and I suggest:

  • Quorn was the first one we tried, and although we love it, it’s not the easiest one to find.
  • Impossible has a good burger and you can buy the frozen ones in local stores now, even in this farming town. You can also order them online and they will ship them to you frozen. They do cost more than the cow version, but it’s a small price to pay. They’re good grilled, pan-fried, and in the air fryer. Burger King uses them in their Impossible Whopper. We tried it in Massachusetts and loved it.
  • Impossible now offers chicken nuggets which when cooked in the air fryer taste exactly like McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets.
  • Morning Star Farms makes a good nugget too, as well as a chik’n patty that is delish.
  • We’re a big corn dog family. We know what a good one tastes like, and Morning Star creeped me out with how authentic their corn dog is. Dip it in mustard!
  • Lightlife which is sold in the produce department next to the organic vegetables and fruits, tastes like a regular old hot dog. Extra onions, sauerkraut, and mustard, please. (I suppose it isn’t hard to recreate something that was never real in the first place, right?)
  • A brand called Tofurky makes a good deli meat. The boys love it on soft bread with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and a good cheese. We’ve also used it in paninis.

We’ve been to a fast food restaurant about two times in the past year or so. It’s just not our thing. I used the examples above to offer a reference to what people know. More and more restaurants are offering plant-based alternatives, like Front Street Brewery in Wilmington, NC. They have multiple items on their menu. It’s happening and we’re beyond thrilled!

Chik’n Sliders

Frozen nuggets (Impossible, Quorn, or Morning Star)

Dinner or finger sandwich rolls


Minced onion

Good mayo or any condiment you desire

Iceberg lettuce


Cook nuggets in the air fryer until crisp. (Don’t overpack it.) Open the roll (Hawaiian is best.) and layer the cheese, then nugget, then the remaining ingredients. Your options are limitless.

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