543 Day Writing Journey

It’s Monday. Day 160.

Photo by Anton H on Pexels.com

My mail carrier just came to the house to deliver some stepping stools we ordered to raise the dogs food bowls.

“They have you working on a Sunday!?” I said to her.

“Honey, it’s Monday,” she said while she chuckled so sweetly.

“Oh my gosh,” I said, embarrassed. “My son was here for the weekend so we extended it.” (I always feel the need to explain my oopses.)

Tye, Deaven, and their two pups, Belichick and Maxine, came to stay with us for a couple nights this weekend.

Last night when I went to my room to sleep, I texted them all in our group text, “Best weekend ever.”

I feel high and fed and completely full and happy. It was the recharge I needed, and maybe they did, too.

Because we were so busy, I have not neglected my writing, but lightened it up a little. So, for today, instead of getting my head into something deep or shallow, I will share some of my favorite songs from my playlist:

  • “Sober” by Childish Gambino
  • “I Have Seen the Rain” by James T. Moore and Pink
  • “All the Faces” by Creed Bratton
  • “Doo Wop” by Ms. Lauren Hill
  • “Caligula” by Macy Gray
  • “Lost” by Frank Ocean
  • “Majestic” by Wax Fang
  • “Rusty Cage” by Johnny Cash (Thanks, Tyler.)
  • “If I Ever Was a Child” by Wilco
  • “Swim with Sam” by a Balladeer
  • “Some Day Soon” by Alexi Murdoch

Maybe check them all out. These songs are my mood lately. Also, enjoy your Sunday. Mine has been so not Mondayish.

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