543 Day Writing Journey

Our Forward Ever. Day 161.

Our family is stepping forward each day, all over the sharp rocks with our bare feet, and even on the smooth sand when things go our way. Whether it’s a miniscule hop, or a gaping leap, we are each progressing towards a future while we are soaking up our present.

Tyler and Sammy each have passion for their positions at Treasure Realty. Sam learns something new each day and shares with me stories about the office like the fun they have and the general office stress they share. Tye has always loved Treasure and for them to have this in common is empowering and although their bond is already tight, it offers their relationship a little reserve tucked away. Yes, I’m their mom, but my confidence in them is a level-headed one, so I know they are true assets to a company who assists people in spending some time with the peace of the ocean. My pride in them is individual as well as one for our family as each son progresses in their professional ventures.

Minutes ago, Max found out he was accepted to the University of North Carolina in Wilmington to continue his college experience. Oh, the butterflies that were tormenting his poor stomach lately waiting for word from the school. He took this semester off, but it’s not fitting to him. He’s like his dad in that he needs something to do so he’s been twiddling his impatient thumbs. Maybe now that there’s a true plan, he will be more able to rest and enjoy his off-time more. We are all so excited for him, and although I will miss him being home during the day, he needs a break from Mom so his mind can continue to grow as fast as bamboo. He will decide his major soon but is thinking about business so he can one day own his own piece of the world. (I, however, think he would make a great teacher.)

Teaching someone has never been my strength and although Baylee’s accomplishments are truly his own, I have learned as well. Baylee finished his first semester of being a homeschooler and we’re both still alive and well! I’ve shared about my short list of accomplishments like teaching Baylee to tie his shoes, but I generally don’t have the patience or the natural capacity to teach.

Roger was the teacher. He was the one who would spend hours guiding them in catching a ball, riding a bike, driving, or math. So, although I don’t share this personal accomplishment with Baylee, I have a little one of my own knowing I didn’t fail him last semester. We are now on semester two with more promise, experience, and patience, and we are excited about it! Next to him learning the content of his courses, he’s becoming proficient at communication, learning how to really do some serious research, and how to manage his personal time.

Me, well, I’m still gently pestering local news places to peak at my story about the local rescue. I won’t give up on it yet, but don’t really know the ropes down here in NC. Until then, I will continue to allow what Lin-Manuel Miranda said on Jimmy Fallon marinate amongst my patience and drive. He talked about what happens when something falls through, whether it’s a story, screenplay, or any other piece. He said you write the next one. Then the next. Then the next. Just keep writing.

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