543 Day Writing Journey

A Soldier’s Child. Day 163.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m still hanging on the coattails of yesterday’s post about Tunnel to Towers, the foundation that saved me when I had no other options. After I wrote that post, I started to think of the other foundations and organizations that exist out there, and one in particular warms my heart.

One day when we lived in the Raintree neighborhood of Jacksonville, NC, a large package came in the mail. It was addressed to Sammy and was filled with gifts with shiny purple wrapping paper. It was from A Soldier’s Child Foundation. Someone must have signed us up for it.

Their generosity was appreciated, but their focus on celebrating and not mourning was what stood out to me. The moment was a happy one and each child received a box of gifts until they turned eighteen. Baylee still does.

Along with their celebration of birthdays for the children of fallen military personnel, they offer mentorship programs, camps, and college scholarships. It’s a sweet foundation that gives away a little joy to some kids who are going through a tough time.

Click here: 543

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