543 Day Writing Journey

Operation Homebase. Day 164.

From Roger’s Funeral

All of the good that Tunnel to Towers does overwhelms me, and their newest endeavor, Operation Homebase, is something I can’t stop thinking about.

When a service member exits the military but doesn’t serve enough time to retire, he or she moves on in life as a civilian. If they are considered of sound body and mind, there is no money that follows them no matter what they went through while in the military. The government has extensive transition programs, but many slip through the cracks.

I remember Roger waking up in the middle of the night to talk. It didn’t happen often, but it happened. He got out of the Marine Corps. where he had seen horrific things, and not only in combat. He lost friends in training, accidents, and war before joining the Army National Guard.

It’s hard to say where his mind would have been today. We all know more about the dark thoughts and mental anguish people go through after trauma, and we as a society, are more apt to talk about it. But some still won’t and at times it can lead them away from their families and friends, and towards a downward spiral with growing momentum.

A veteran may be homeless for numerous reasons. It’s not our place to judge. Although there are programs out there to assist them with their dark thoughts, food insecurities, networking, or with any other needs they have, many of them don’t want to take the help. After some time, they find themselves on the streets with no home to call their own, no safe place, no front door to close at night.

Tunnel to Towers, the foundation that gave us a place to call home is doing the same for homeless veterans by building tiny homes for them in all fifty states, and I think that’s pretty swag.

The boys and I want to give back, and for our first adventure, Max, Baylee, and I are going to do a climb in Charlotte to benefit Tunnel to Towers. (It’s forty-three floors!) If you would like to join our team, donate, or wish us well, please click here: Team 543

Click here to see what Tunnel to Towers is doing for homeless veterans: Operation Homebase

One more click I promise. If you are interested in reading my 543-day writing journey for my husband, click here: 543 Day Writing Journey

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