1 thought on “Peace to Ukraine. Day 166.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    I know that Mr. Putin is a “macho man”, and he knows how his “standing on the world stage” will be, should he put all his troops in retrograde mode back to their bases, after this huge build-up along the border with Ukraine…
    I also would hope that he will “think through” what the cost of war will be for him, and his government, both politically, and economically, with sanctions, (if our government has the will and fortitude to impose upon him)… Most important of all is the cost of human life on both sides that war will take…
    It’s very sad when politics and government can create a war between people who are all of the same DNA, who just want peace, and to be left alone to live their lives “free”…
    Uncle Lee 😦

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