543 Day Writing Journey

War. Day 170.

Waking up and reading the news this morning, I realized that evidently, the macho, chest-pounding tough guy isn’t going to pull back, and in fact, the little squirt did invade Ukraine. It’s because he and his groveling friends don’t sacrifice or suffer loss themselves. They watch it happen while they sit back in their flawless, uninteresting suits, smirking, grinning, and sipping on cloudy vodka with their sad small lips like scared little boys.

Maybe they try not to think of the frightened moms with crying toddlers on their hips or the elderly man who liked to sit on the bench outside in the sun. They don’t consider their own fighters, young adults who have no choice or no grasp. Worse yet, maybe they do think about them and catch the drool in the corner of their ashy lips while they smile and make the call to attack.

We don’t talk enough about the kindness spectrum. One side is empathetic and the other, far, far away, is evil, pure and hot. One side sits people who make the call to kill innocents in front of the world while the other shows humans who, instead of whacking a spider with today’s paper, will gently capture her, walk carefully to the front door, and let her go under a bush, especially when they fear her.

How are we all considered the same species when we can differ so greatly when it comes to matters of human rights and plain old kindness? The spectrum I mentioned includes the middle people, too, like the seemingly harmless ones who share videos of overweight shoppers at Walmart with unkind words, or the compassionate ones who will sleep next to a chicken in the barn all night long because she’s ill. Degrees of kindness litter the spectrum in all forms. It’s fluid and terribly real, and although we could list examples all day, it’s too depressing.

People who poke fun and say mean things are obviously not quite happy with their own lives and being, so they put others down to bring their own selves up. It’s classic and we’ve all seen it. But what if they had a little power in their lives? A little international clout coupled with a cheap suit and some native liquid spirits.

Give one who is at the evil end of the spectrum some control and a couple friends, including some influential idiots in the US, and you have the true person who shows the extent of their wickedness. How many others could be this way with a little encouragement?

Some days I wish my boys weren’t so empathetic. I know that sounds horrible and I don’t truly mean it, but caring and compassion equal more individual pain, and malice in a person’s spirit protects the heart. My only solace is that there is a hell for the rotting trash, and I’m confident the company in heaven, where we will be one day very far from today, is quite sublime.

Haven’t we all sacrificed enough? The world has enough Gold Star families, and survivors of civilian casualties and fatalities don’t get a title or support. Peace to Ukraine. I see you.

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1 thought on “War. Day 170.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    As we all know; there is both good, and evil in our world… We see good and evil every day on the streets of our large cities, and now we are witness to good and evil in Eastern Europe, (and elsewhere in the world)…
    As sad, and as horrible as it is; we have to “stand up” to evil, “fight it”, and do our best to defeat it when it does arrive…
    We can only hope to one day see only good in this world; but if our country’s, and our world history is any testament, we will never experience true peace, and co-existence with one another…
    That does not mean that we never stop trying though!!!
    Uncle Lee 😦

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