543 Day Writing Journey

Day Trip. Day 172.

A job search, loud puppy, and a new war had me spinning. I was allowing a little frustration to enter my spirit and cloud my rational mind, so Doo, Gisele, and I decided to take a trip to see Tye, Deaven, and the pups at the beach to refresh our souls.

Of course, the ocean is calming most days, and the vastness of it reminded me of how little my personal issues were. The puppies are really recognizing us as part of their pack, and were happy to see us. Maxine thinks Gisele is the bee’s knees and shows it by flattening herself on the ground and licking her face, her little ears back in the sweetest surrender.

Gisele likes the top down.

We had cauliflower pizza and talked and talked. Baylee and Tyler had some guy time while Deaven and I got to sit on the balcony and watch the birds and the ocean. It was overwhelmingly peaceful.

We came home early this morning and said bye to Sammy as he left for work. Wanda had just eaten so she was in her crate. She lost her mind when she saw me. I opened the metal door and told her to wait. She sat like a good girl, shaking with anticipation to come see me.


She ran out, ears flat and butt wiggling as she greeted me, weaving around one leg then the other over and over again.

I needed that refresh button to be pressed. Maybe my head will be more level now and I can write without spewing my own emotions all over the place.

Thank you, Tyler, Deaven, Belly, Maxine, and Michaelangelos Pizza in Sneads Ferry. I needed that.

1 thought on “Day Trip. Day 172.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    I read a book long ago titled, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”… It was in this book that I learned that we all have an inner circle, called “the circle of influence”, and an outer circle called “the circle of control”…
    Basically it means that as human beings, we can only do so much to implement change… Some things we can control, and have them work in our favor, to make life better… There are also “things” that are pretty much out of our control, and we cannot make the changes we want…
    I’m happy that you were able to get away to the ocean for the day, and take in the sights and sounds, to help calm you…
    Uncle Lee 🙂
    P.S. I’m guessing that David was probably back home in “time out”, when you took your little road trip to the beach…

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