543 Day Writing Journey

Turkey Vultures. Day 174.

Photo by Ron Graham-Becker on Pexels.com

People don’t really like the way turkey vultures look, but that’s an opinion I don’t share. They are different looking, yes, but I think they’re quite majestic and their unique look gives them a little swag.

We saw them in Massachusetts, but in North Carolina they are everywhere. Because we have a large backyard, they frequently swirl around up above hoping to find something dead to nibble on. Sometimes, they will circle above the house and property in groups of ten or more, way up high, soaring and not flapping as they trade stories with each other.

(My roosters used to make warning calls about them but now realize they’re not eagles or hawks, so they are fine with them being around.)

Turkey vultures eat mostly carrion, or dead animals, so they aren’t a threat to livestock or cats like many believe. They’re the ones who clean up the messy roadkill on the streets and the ones who pick a carcass clean.

So, today’s post is dedicated to turkey vultures and the role they play in cleaning up the world, and entertaining me and the boys while we sit on the back deck and listen to music.

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