543 Day Writing Journey

Green. Day 191.

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As I sat in the living room this morning wondering what to write about, Baylee walked in and said, “Do I have to pinch you!?”

He was wearing dark green socks, green camo shorts, a light green top, and a Kelly green headband.

“Wait! I’m not dressed yet,” I said, looking at my pink striped pj bottoms and gray t-shirt.

Holidays are sweet little breaks from our mundane lives, and the smaller ones that don’t require the stresses of gift giving and elaborate meal celebrations are my favorites. Holidays like St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day are simple and fun with little treats and traditions that are easy to keep. They’re the days of the year when you don’t have to make a big meal and you don’t have to make a big deal.

When I was little, we didn’t do much for the holiday, but my first friend, Kim, and I would go to the parade in Holyoke, MA. It’s the grandest parade I’ve ever seen with people for miles, literally, celebrating and saying “cheers” to strangers, and there’s so much green!

Green painted faces, people wearing green feathers, and green hair even, create a sea of melted Kermit. We had way too much fun at those parades, but I won’t share the details of what happened in the clearing at the top of the hill or around the corners on the street. Either way, it created a love for the holiday that I hopefully passed on to the boys.

I’ve been told we’re Irish, but it doesn’t matter, we celebrate St. Patty’s Day. Every year, we wear green, make green quesadillas, and my Shamrock Shake recipe blows McDonald’s out of the water. (Try me.)

Simplicity in tradition keeps it alive and allows for true enjoyment of a special day. There’s no stress about getting the right present for a long lost third cousin and there aren’t multiple trips to the grocery store because you forgot another ingredient for your grandmother’s stuffing. So, today is all about the green. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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