543 Day Writing Journey

Cords! Day 194.

He really thought we were going for a walk.

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“Can I borrow your charger?” Most likely, we’ve all heard this sentence many times. It’s a close cousin to someone asking where their charger is, two people comparing battery percentage to see who is most worthy of using the charger, or even to someone complaining because their charger doesn’t work. We’re at the mercy of the cords!

I remember when we installed our first cordless phone. They were a game-changer, right? Wrong! We used to think it was torture to be attached to the wall in order to talk on the phone. Now, we’re still attached to the wall, but it’s by our chargers.

One day, I was attempting to untangle the mess of snaky wires, and Gronk thought it was his leash on the table. He sat so nicely waiting to be invited on his walk around Raintree Circle in Jacksonville. Even the dogs suffer!

We have tins of chargers, ones stuffed in the junk drawer “just in case,” and boxes of tangled cords that don’t fit any device we currently own. Chargers for tablets, old video game controllers, flip-phones, laptops from the early 2000’s, and I could go on. But, thank God we don’t have to be locked to the wall anymore. No, we’re free!

Also, a pet peeve of mine (Yes, I have many.) is cords that are showing. In the living room, I have put a significant amount of effort into hiding the cords. It would be a terrible thing for someone to know we plug stuff in around here.

Yes, we can use our phones outside and I can sit up in bed and type a blog post and not have my laptop plugged in, but I am constantly fixated on the battery percentage of all my devices. It’s like we traded our inconveniences and it’s pretty much madness.

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