543 Day Writing Journey

Day One. Day 196.

Here’s why I write: 543

What a day I had yesterday! It began very early at four when my cat, T’Challa, decided she needed some attention. I just couldn’t fall back to sleep after that, so I woke up and began my day.

Sammy and I were getting ready to leave the house at 6:30 and it was still dark. Venus was high and bright in the sky reminding me how much we all miss by sleeping. I’ve never seen it so pronounced and present, and it was so bright it looked like a white dot, perfectly circular.

We got in the Jeep and I couldn’t see the controls so I pressed the light up above but it was the 911 button. Oops. We cancelled the call and figured out how to see, and off we went. (I don’t venture when it’s dark much.)

The first part of our day was a company meeting where I got to meet all the people I haven’t met yet. Tyler was up in the front of the room talking to us all, which was odd yet comfortable to me. He’s always been good at speaking in front of people, and although he was in work mode, he’s still Tyler. (He handed me a shirt to get the stain out for him. I’m good at it. Oddly, I needed that.)

We then made our way to the office Sammy works in which is also the one I’ll be in once a week when my training week is over. Plastic was put down everywhere because they were painting, but my office space was set up and people were so friendly. The atmosphere is relaxing, allowing people to do their work without becoming stressed. It’s a true team. (And there are two kitchens!)

Seeing Sammy in a work environment was cool! I know he’s smart. I know he’s capable. I know he will be successful in whatever he does. I just like to see it, and I was so impressed.

My boss and trainer, Dara, showed me the ropes and systems. I was worried I wouldn’t get it right away, but I did! She is fun to be around so it made the day easy and enjoyable. I did realize how college helped me ready for this, including the technology I learned.

Here’s the best part, though. We have a long driveway and when we pulled into it, Max and Doo were playing basketball. When they saw us, they stopped and starting waving frantically. I was met with hugs from them both and lots of chatter.

“I’ll let Gisele out alone to see you.”

When she came out, I peaked around the Jeep and her ears went flat. She crouched down and started running low to see me. It was what I needed, a little fuel. I greeted the rest of them, including Wanda who was so excited I swear she ran a few steps on the side of my body.

I went inside the house, put on comfies and my warm sweater then let the day settle into my mind. Fulltime working moms are angels. The job doesn’t stop when they get home, or ever for that matter, and I don’t want it to. It’s my favorite job, but it’s nice to have two jobs now, and it’s kind of cool to be called Teresa once in awhile.

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