543 Day Writing Journey

Top Shelf Toothpaste. Day 197.

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Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com

I have this thing about fancy toothpaste. When there’s a little extra lying around in the grocery budget, I love to splurge on it. You know what I mean, the tubes that are in the stand-up boxes, the ones with gold, foil markings, or the labels marked “clinical strength.” (What’s the deal with that, anyway? Is the other stuff just adequate strength?)

Walgreens treats their toothpaste like their twenty-four dollar merlot by displaying it on the top shelf. The Pepsodent, if I can find it anymore, the Aim, and the Ultrabrite all sit at the bottom with their one dollar price tags. In the middle, you have your middle-class tooth cleaner like the basic Crest, Colgate, and the orange box of Arm & Hammer kind of sits to the side.

Although I’m a top shelf toothpaste type gal, if Pepsodent is on the bottom shelf catching dust and looking at people’s shins, I will grab a few of those. Pepsodent is the toothpaste I grew up on. They’re only a buck usually, and it creates all the bubbles and the mint flavor leaves your mouth feeling cleaner, and maybe a little more damaged, than any other brand.

It’s an odd thing, marketing, when even everyday items such as toothpaste add to our list of everlasting decisions due to their colorful boxes and untrue promises of a shiny smile, but for today, Crest 3D White Brilliant Blast is in my cart at Harris Teeter. A glance at my tomorrow smile will require Ray Bans.

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